Mobile Network

We have experience in node development of networks (3G and LTE) surrounding mobile terminals, and we are specialized in protocol control and call control, which are key to mobile phone communication. Moreover, there is one track record of development / combination / comprehensive test process from specification adjustment with carrier, and it is possible to contract.


Network Control

Utilizing the experience of router development, we have the track record of developing network devices aiming to be able to set up routing by software only with software virtualization, which has attracted attention in recent years due to the spread of cloud.


Smart Phone

In smartphone development, we have experience in developing / evaluating standard preinstalled applications and developing / verifying communication protocols. We also have a track record of undertaking management work within the project, visualizing projects by data, and contributing to project promotion.


■Development of in-vehicle system (control software such as car audio, car navigation system and battery)
■Optical transmission equipment development (communication driver control)
■Router / switch development (routing control, packet communication control)
■Smartphone development (camera, communication driver, LED control)